Street Portraits

OK, so this is borrowed from the Strobsit’s (David Hobby’s) blog ( It’s actually something I had planned already, we’re heading down to Brighton next week to shoot some nice clean street portraits… just black and white against nice white seamless… just tape it to the wall and off you go. But this video is really nice and shows how you need to interact with people in order to get them against that white seamless for a few seconds.

We usually make behind the scenes vids for most of our projects, so watch out for something on this soon, once we clear the backlog from all of the other shoots. I’ll try not to copy this though, wanna do something a bit different.

Thanks to Strobist for putting this out there… and thanks to for the ability to embed this vid.




2 responses to “Street Portraits

  1. I shot something similar, a great (and cheap) way to make really good portraits

  2. I saw this on the strobist blog. Totally a good video!

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