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A few weeks back I posted a video from (via strobist) about Clay Enos working on the street with nothing but a D3 and a bit of white Seamless. It’s something I’d been planning anyway, so we hit the streets of Brighton, UK and grabbed as many locals as we could. Most were more than willing and some were really friendly. A few just weren’t interested, but that’s the way it goes…

Here are a few previews from the shoot. All were shot with the Nikon D3x and a 50mm f/1.8. Black and white conversions were done in aperture. To see the whole project go to and click on “projects”. Let me know what you think.






Having a go with Film

503cxThe problem with photographers of my generation, and I’m the first to agree, is that our digital photography is not based on the theory of shooting with film… it’s based purely in a digital world. And that’s fine. It gets the job done, but would a film background have helped make us better digital photographers?

I have no idea…

…but on the off chance that I’m onto something, I’ve decided to spend a little time in the world of film, developing, scanning and never really being sure if you even got the shot you wanted.

I currently shoot with pro Nikon gear, namely the D3x for commercial stuff and the D700 for gigs, action, documentary and low light stuff. All digital, no danger, no edge. I can shoot 3000 frames in one day on a commercial shoot and just delete the stuff I don’t like. Maybe that’s lazy?

I have a feeling that film will make me think much more about the shot before I click that shutter release. Get the settings right, compose the shot, think about what it means and what I will get back from the lab. And I think that better discipline in that regard will help to improve the digital side of my work, which is what the  client gets.

So, an old Hassie 500cm, a wander round the streets of London, maybe blackfriers on a sunday, or borough market… maybe shooting some personal work on film will help to develop my professional content. We shall see… keep an eye on the blog to find out.

Wish me luck

The Smithfield Nocturne

DSC_5136 A crowd of over 10,000 spectators enjoyed a packed evening of fast and furious cycle entertainment at the third Smithfield Nocturne, held on Saturday 6th June.

Folding bike enthusiasts, amateur city cyclists, corporate businesses and elite professional riders joined forces to offer a unique free night out in the capital. The ever-popular Le-Mans style start to the folding bike race kicked off proceedings, with competitors battling it out in two heats to take a chance to race in the final.

We decided to photograph some of the events, not for a client, but just for fun! We used a d3x and single Nikon sb-900 speedilight. We used a variety of lenses including the 14-24mm f/2.8, a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 and the 70-200mm f/2.8. There were a few really really long lenses on display around the place that day, and maybe next time we’ll hire something for the occasion! The photo above is one of my favourites…. very close to camera, I thought the D3x was going to get run over at one point.. thankfully no cameras were harmed in the making of this picture

Check out the website at to see some more… hopefully they’ll be up in the next few days!

Out x



Look out for Twitter updates from now on… either here on the blog or follow @tayassignments on Twitter. We’ll be posting updates from location, news on upcoming projects and hopefully, if I can get my arse in gear, a photo every day from my iphone.

Wicked x

Latest Shoot

We’ve spent the last week organising, shooting and doing post production on some images for the portfolio. We shot entirely on location using using lovely gear from Bowens, Nikon, Apple and Calumet. Ooh yeah x

You can see a few of the images on our website Click on “Portfolios” and “Location” to get there.

Also, look out for a behind the scenes vid which is in the cutting room now, we’ll post it here next week.

Much more to come soon… have a great Easter xx