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Street Portraits

OK, so this is borrowed from the Strobsit’s (David Hobby’s) blog ( It’s actually something I had planned already, we’re heading down to Brighton next week to shoot some nice clean street portraits… just black and white against nice white seamless… just tape it to the wall and off you go. But this video is really nice and shows how you need to interact with people in order to get them against that white seamless for a few seconds.

We usually make behind the scenes vids for most of our projects, so watch out for something on this soon, once we clear the backlog from all of the other shoots. I’ll try not to copy this though, wanna do something a bit different.

Thanks to Strobist for putting this out there… and thanks to for the ability to embed this vid.




Taylor Assignments: Shoots Film

I tried it and I liked it. Wondered the streets of London with a Hasselblad 500c/m and shot a few rolls of 120. My first experiences on shooting anything but digital since I was a kid. I sent the rolls off to be processed, half expecting them to come back with nothing but black squares… or white squares… or something bad. But to my surprise they came out OK… better than ok, I love the colours, I love the texture that you can never get on a digital still… well you can but it takes hours in photoshop.

So go and have a look… We made a little video… of me wondering with the hassie… more soon.

Out x

Taylor Assignments: In The Studio

A little behind the scenes vid for y’all. We threw this together really quickly, but nevertheless, hope that you like it.

For the geeks out there, we shot with the Nikon D3x tethered to a mac book pro with aperture. We went for the highest file sizes we could, which were 14bit uncompressed raw files, which are about 50mb.

Check out some of the finished pics in the Studio section of my the website (

Goodnight all x